Monday, July 22, 2013

Myers Park 11's Win NC State Title

The Myers Park Trinity 11-year-old All-Star team has won the North Carolina State Championship with a 6-5 victory over Greenville North State. This is the first state title for any MPTLL team at the Little League baseball level - a truly historic moment in the long history of our league. As usual, the team did it in dramatic fashion, with a 6th inning rally from being down 5-1. The game was capped by a walk-off 2-run HR by R.J. Scholtus. The MPTLL Twitter feed tells the story, as this is how many of the MP faithful followed the game....

- MP takes the field. Scholtus gets the start, Atwell behind the dish.
- Scholtus retires GNS in order in the top 1st. MP coming to bat.
- Evans doubles. Shaw singles him home from 3b. End 1, MP 1, GNS 0.
- GNS doubles, but Atwell to Bolin erases the runner on an attempted steal. Scholtus looks great on the mound. Still 1-0, MP up. Bot 2.
- Minges singles, but MP can't move him over. Still 1-0, end 2. GNS sending 7-8-9 to plate.
- Single, error, walk. GNS has bases loaded and one out.
- GNS gets 2 runs. 2 on, still one out.
- Intentional walk to GNS 3 hitter loads the bases. One out.
- Scholtus gets the K. Bases loaded, 2 out.

- Single. GNS 4, MP 1. 2 on, 2 out... Single and a fielder slips on wet infield. 5-1 GNS.
- Scholtus gets the K to end top 3. GNS 5, MP 1.
- Top of the order in MP half of the 3rd.
- MP gets 2 walks, strands both runners. Heading to top 4.
- Scholtus Ks two. GNS goes quietly in top 4. Still GNS 5, MP 1 in the NC state final.
- Krisko singles. Atwell and Hodges both hit deep balls right at GNS CF. We need to hit it where they ain't. Going to top 5. Still 5-1.
- GNS goes 3-up, 3-down. Great sliding catch in CF by Evans.
- Evans singles. Scholtus singles off top of fence. Bolin singles. Bases loaded, 2 out.
- Fly out to pitcher. End 5, still 5-1.
- Morehead doubles up GNS runner on a line drive. MP coming to bat in bottom 6, down 5-1. MP will send 7-8-9 hitters to plate.
- Scholtus has thrown 83 pitches. One tough inning, shut out GNS for the other 5. GNS starter still in the game, too.
- Minges lead-off single. Krisko follows with a single. 2 on, no outs.
- Rohr singles. Bases loaded, no outs, top of the order up for MP.
- Pitching change for GNS. Their starter did a great job--hat tip to him for 5 innings of 1-run ball.
- 2-run double for Morehead. 2 on, no outs. 5-3 game.
- Fielders choice for Evans scores a run 5-4, one out, runner on 1st. Scholtus, Shaw, Bolin coming to bat for MP.

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