This site is not the official Myers Park Trinity LL website. For that, go to MPTLL.org.  This site is about Myers Park Trinity LL and related youth baseball and softball topics. Its main purpose is to present updated information about what's going on with the league and the people who play, coach, volunteer or support us in other ways to help make MPTLL the best youth sports organization in Charlotte. This site also provides the backdrop of where we came from. Myers Park Trinity and Little League Baseball is rich in history, and this site will attempt to document as much of that history as possible.

I've been involved with Myers Park Trinity for most of my life. I played in the league for 12 years and have coached since 2000, mostly with Al Browne.

Our league has grown tremendously over the years and is now better than ever, thanks to its dedicated volunteers. This is an exciting time for Myers Park Trinity, and I hope this site will capture some of that excitement. I also hope that others will become involved with the site by sharing information and providing content. Feel free to comment or email me anytime.

Thank you.

Brandon Merchant

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