Monday, October 26, 2015

Capital Campaign Update and Plans For Randolph Park

Please read the following special message from MPTLL League President, Rich Little....

Dear MPTLL Parent, Coach, Sponsor and/or Volunteer,

I am sending you this message to update you on our progress towards finalizing our Capital Campaign, and to let your know of an opportunity we have to receive a $200,000 matching gift. 
As an update, we have made significant progress because of the willingness of many people to give back to the League.  To date, we have accomplished the following:

     1)    We have surpassed the $525,000 mark in total pledged donations

     2)    Largely because of the strength of the donations we have received so far, we have successfully secured an additional 10 year term of the Priority Use Agreement with Mecklenburg County and our partners at Park & Rec.  The new term will dovetail into the existing term which expires December 31st, 2016.  We now have Randolph Park (and our other off site practice locations) under contract through the end of 2026.

     3)    Once we complete the Capital Campaign, we will be strategically positioned to go back to Park & Rec/Meck County and negotiate to add several decades to the Agreement beyond 2026. 
     4)    We have had Randolph Park surveyed in preparation for the construction projects.

     5)    We have had meetings with architects and a construction company to start the process of narrowing in on the actual costs of the projects we would like to complete.

     6)     Based on the conversations we have had so far, the cost to complete everything we want to do will be approximately $1.5 million.  This amount includes the covered seating, press box, dugouts, new backstop, bathrooms and concession stand for the New Field.  The cost estimate also includes the construction of a large building that will house an Indoor Teaching Center, and storage for the League’s equipment (i.e. a new Boyd’s Building).  The $1.5 million price tag also covers a fairly significant enhancement to the entrance of the park coming in from the main parking lot next to the soccer field.   The target number should also include enough money to build ground level, basic press boxes for several fields, including Kiser/Chapman. 

     7)    Depending on where we stand with money raised on November 15th, 2015, we may find that we are not able to do everything we want to do as one big project.  If that is the case we will prioritize the components of the plan and look to complete the projects using a phased approach.
As mentioned, we have a very special, time sensitive opportunity to receive a matching gift of $200,000.   I mentioned the date November 15th, 2015 in point #7 above because one of our Capital Campaign supporters has made a generous offer over and above his current donation.  He has committed to match all new pledges up to $200,000 received between now and November 15th.   So, if we are able to raise the full $200,000, that amount will turn into $400,000 because of the matching gift.  We have 3 weeks to make sure that we maximize this awesome opportunity.  If we can get to the full match, AND if we can close at least one of the naming rights opportunities we have, we will be in a position to complete most if not all of our grand plan.

And that’s where I need your help.  I am writing to ask you to consider making a pledge to the Capital Campaign.  You have the option of spreading the payments out over 5 years.  You can go online and make a donation on the website using a credit card at – the link to the Capital Campaign is under About MPTLL – then click the Donate icon on the right hand side of the page. Alternatively, send me an email to the address below and request a pledge card to be sent to you.   (Thank you to those of you who have already stepped up and made a 2nd donation!)

In addition to making a pledge, you can also help by reaching out to someone you know who has fond memories of MPTLL or who is currently enjoying their experience and ask them to join you in supporting the campaign.  Most people are glad to give to a worthy cause, but they must first know about it, and in most cases they need to be asked.  Just think of the impact we can make if everyone receiving this email is able to convince one additional person to give to the Campaign.  You can also forward a name or names to me so that I can contact them on your behalf, although I don’t think that that will be as effective as you contacting them directly.  The reality is that your contact to them will be more personal.  I am however happy to reach out to anyone you feel is a potential candidate.

We believe that the capital improvements outlined above have something for everyone at MPTLL.  The indoor teaching center will be used by softball and baseball teams, Challenge and All Star teams, and our 13-16 year old teams playing for Myers Park Academy and Jr Little League.  We will also hold free and paid player clinics, coaching clinics, have a winter workout program and provide private lessons.  The covered seating complex will be a great place to hold Opening Day and Closing Day Ceremonies, as well as be a first class field for regular season and tournament games for baseball players ages 9-12.  We will all be proud of an upgraded “front door” entrance area to the Park, which will also include a better drop/off and pick/up area for the kids coming to and leaving the field.  And finally, press boxes for our primary softball and baseball fields will add a new level of excitement to our games.  

Please join me in supporting this exciting plan, and please act before November 15th so that we will be able to take full advantage of the matching gift.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
Rich Little
Myers Park Trinity Little League