Team Lineage

As part of the ongoing MPTLL History Project - a search for the complete documented history of Myers Park Trinity - this page is dedicated to tracking the lineage of each team in our Major League division. Below is a list of our current teams, and some former teams. Below each is listed that team's former sponsor where applicable. This is a work in progress, so if you have any additional information, please comment below or send me an email. Thanks.


Current ML Franchise Team Lineage
Harry & Bryant: Harry & Bryant  (1951-Present)
Al Browne: Al Browne's Service  (1961- Present)
Farmers Dairy  (1952-1960)
Trinity: Trinity Presbyterian Church  (?-Present)
Esso  (?)
Christ Church: Christ Church  (?-Present)
Cameron Harris: Cameron M. Harris  (expansion 1982-Present)
Bryant & Sons: Bryant & Sons  (2014-Present)
Bryant Electric Supply  (2000-2013)
Centura Bank  (1994-1999)
First Charlotte Bank  (1985-1993)
Kitchens Unlimited (1982-84)
Carolina Pad & Paper (expansion 1980-1981)
T.R. Lawing: T.R. Lawing  (2016-Present)
Carolina Pad & Paper  (expansion 1982-2015)
Keith Corp: Keith Corporation  (2016-Present)
Regions Bank  (2004-2015)
Park Meridian Bank  (1995-2003)
Towers, Perrin, Forster & Crosby (TPF&C) (1991-1994)
Mutual Savings & Loan (1966-1990)
Former Teams: North American Van Lines  (1960-?)
Hotpoint (1953-1959)
Al Browne's Service (1952)*
* Al Browne was a farm team from 1953-1960
T.R. Lawing  (1988-1995 contracted)
Proposition XLV (1983-1987)
Providence Baptist (expansion 1980-1982)
WSOC-TV  (1961-?)
Eckerd Drugs (1960)
Hanks-Jerman-Wyman  (expansion 1957-1959)
Independent Electric Supply? (?-1975? contracted)
American Discount  (1958-?)
Auto Finance  (1954-1957)
Blythe Motors  (1952-1953)
Eckerd Drugs (1964-1976 contracted)
Terminix  (1961-1963)
Morris Brothers  (expansion 1957-?)
Interstate Securities  (1984-1995 contracted)
Myers Park Presbyterian  (?-1983)

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