Thursday, January 17, 2013

Best of MPTLL #4: History and Tradition

For a youth sports organization, Myers Park Trinity Little League has a very long history. The story of our early years has been well documented on this website. The Harry & Bryant team was one of the original six teams put together in 1951 as part of the city-wide American Business Club league. Our own organization was chartered in 1952, with Harry & Bryant and Al Browne's Service included. These teams are still in existence today and Myers Park is now the oldest league in Charlotte.

We also have a lot of tradition, something that doesn't always come with history. Al Browne still plays Harry & Bryant each year to start the spring season. Our coaches and other volunteers tend to stick around, many of them for several decades. Our Major League teams use the property system, so most of their players remain on the teams for multiple years. Those teams are like college athletic programs, with alumni and fans that may support them for years. Some of us come back to coach our teams. Our fields are sometimes named for our legends.

MPTLL is constantly evolving and improving. But we never lose sight of our history and tradition. Why is that important? Because it creates a sense that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. It is something that is lasting... something we can depend on. It is comforting to know that it has been here for previous generations, and if we care for it, it will be here for many more. And we will care for it, because being a part of something bigger than yourself is not only worthwhile. It is inspiring. It creates passion and energy. At the same time, it humbles us and gives us perspective, and that rubs off on the players. That's pretty special, and you can't find that for kids in many places. When you do, you hang onto it.

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