Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MPTLL History Project: 1951

Charlotte Observer 7-10-51
1952 is pretty well known as the year our league began. But before there was a Myers Park Trinity Little League, or even a Myers Park Civitan League, there was the American Business Club League. And our own Harry & Bryant team was a part of it.

That's Don Bryant on the left getting the HB boys ready for Opening Day in 1951. His new squad was one of eight entries in the unofficial and unchartered city-wide league that began play in July of that year. At the time, Little League Baseball had over 2,000 teams around the nation, mostly in its home state of Pennsylvania. Men like Vic Westmoreland and Ken McCollough helped bring it to Charlotte. As you can see in these articles from the Charlotte Observer, the idea gained popularity and came together quickly - from the initial planning, to organizing the details, to scheduling opening day.

Play began on July 10, 1951, and Harry & Bryant won its first and second games.

The following year there would be three separate leagues in our community, one being our own Myers Park Civitan League. And the year after that there would be farm teams introduced. But those are stories for another day. For now, let's appreciate Harry & Bryant as it prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

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