Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MPTLL History Project

The history of Myers Park Trinity is a large part of what we are today. As the oldest existing Little League organization in Charlotte, we have a tradition and a respect for our history like none other.

But much of that history has been passed down by word of mouth and is at the risk of being lost or accidentally rewritten. So I have set out to document our history using pictures, first hand accounts, draft records, scorebooks and newspaper clippings. Much of the work was done by a few of us prior to the league's 50th anniversary in 2002. But many holes remained and inaccurate legends persisted.

The MPTLL History Project will attempt to document as many facts as possible that make up our real history. The main part of this endeavor is to track the history of our oldest and most prominent division of play - the Major League division. It all began is 1951 with Harry & Bryant, and we became a chartered league - the Myers Park Civitan League - in 1952 with HB, Al Browne's Service, Farmers Dairy and Blythe Motors. But what happened the next year?

If you have been around the league for a while like me, you might find the story pretty interesting. I have spent some time at the downtown library looking at microfilmed Charlotte Observers. It is amazing how many Little League games appeared in the paper back then. This town was crazy about baseball and golf, and it apparently didn't matter what age group it was. So far, these Observer clippings have provided an accurate list of our Major League teams from 1952 to 1966 with very few omissions - click on the Historical Standings tab above.

And by tracking the players mentioned from year to year in these clippings and in some old scorebooks, I have been able to document the lineage of many of our Major League teams, past and present - click on the Team Lineage tab above. You might be surprised by what you find.

This project will be a long-term work in progress. I will continue to gather information when I can. In the end, I simply hope to know as much as possible about MPTLL, so it is not lost to time. This league means too much to too many people to let our history fade away. If you have anything to contribute - information, old pictures, whatever - please leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks.

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