Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Ball Coming to a Close

The Myers Park Trinity Fall Ball season comes to a close this weekend. Players will head into winter and other activities, and hopefully retain much of what they learned over the last two months.

Our fall program was started in the early '90's with the help of guys like Tom Marshall, Bo Thomas and Zan Copeland. The goal has always been to provide a fun, non-competitive instructional league to help our players develop. Each game is viewed as a learning experience and a chance to practice new skills and gain confidence. I believe we have accomplished that goal. Yes, Fall Ball games can often get sloppy and be frustrating to some, but that's what happens when kids are learning and practicing new things. Better to get that out of the way now than in the spring season when the scoreboards are on and standings are followed.

I can really only speak for my own team, but I think Fall Ball is a great thing. Everyone learns new aspects of the game and works on their skills. The returning spring players learn to pitch and log some much needed innings - over 60 for our returning (new) pitchers.  We get to develop several catchers and new position players that we will need in March. The fall season is where our team is made. It is where some of our average players become good, and our good ones become great.

So don't let anyone tell you that Fall Ball is a waste. It takes a lot of energy and patience, but the rewards are well worth it.

If anyone has their own thoughts about the fall season, please leave a comment below.

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