Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Park Etiquette

MPTLL Families,

The league would like to provide the following reminders about a few park related issues. If we all follow these guidelines, our park will be a better place than it already is.

PARKING - Parking is allowed only in marked spaces. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police will ticket your car if it is parked outside of a marked space. They do come to our park often, sometimes driving through looking for cars to ticket. If it is deemed necessary, your car may also be towed. Our primary lot is by the main gate at the upper fields. Please do not park on the grass, by the gate or fence, in front of the dumpster, in the handicapped spaces without a pass or beyond the end of a row of spaces. If the marked spaces in the main lot are full, you may park in the Grier Heights lot down the hill or in the Department of Social Services lot next to the main lot on the park side of Billingsley Road. The DSS lot is huge. There are always plenty of available spaces, and there are pathways to New Field, Founders and GH2 from there. Do not park anywhere near the county gas pumps or across the street at the Chemical Dependency Center - they will tow your car.

DOGS - Dogs are allowed, but they must be on leashes. Some people are not comfortable around dogs, and especially those not on a leash. Also, as you would anywhere, please bring a bag and clean up after your pooch when he does his business.

SMOKING / TOBACCO - Randolph Park is a tobacco-free zone. Please refrain from smoking or using other tobacco products anywhere at the park.

TRASH - Myers Park Trinity does not have a cleaning service. Please use the trash and recycling bins located around the park. And if you see something on the ground, please take a second to pick it up and throw it away. Bleacher areas should be cleaned by the parents and fans and dugouts should be cleaned by the players after each game and practice. It's not hard to look at the schedule and see who left the mess.

CHEERING - Keep it positive. Remember that this is a youth activity. It is a game played by children. The children should be able to relax and have fun playing the game without being distracted by excessive noise, negative comments or coaching from outside the fences. The players, coaches and umpires are all doing their best. No one wants to do anything less. Just show that you support them and that you enjoy watching. This is rarely a problem at Myers Park. We have a great group of families. This is just a reminder.

Thank you for your help in these areas. And thank you for supporting MPTLL.

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