Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MPTLL Capital Campaign Video To Be Shown Saturday

Sunday was Opening Day, but due to time constraints, Opening Ceremonies will take place this Saturday, April 13 at MPTLL's Randolph Park at 10:30 am. Join us for our annual celebration of Little League Baseball and Myers Park Trinity. A full day of games will immediately follow the ceremony.

Also, there will be a very special presentation:  The MPTLL Capital Campaign video will be shown at the park under a tent on a wide screen TV, running on a continuous loop throughout the day. It is a relatively brief, but very well done documentary about Myers Park Trinity produced by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting. For the first time, you will see what our facilities could look like after a successful Capital Campaign. It is quite impressive, and exciting. You will probably recognize some familiar faces from among the MPTLL family of players, coaches, parents and other volunteers talking in the video about why Myers Park is a so special to them.

So join us for Opening Ceremonies and come check out the Capital Campaign video. This is a big time in the life of Myers Park Trinity. Be part of it.

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