Monday, August 13, 2012

Final Week of Fall Registration

This is the final week of Myers Park Trinity Fall Ball registration. Go to and sign up before it's too late. Registration closes August 19th.

The fall season runs from late August through late October. It's an instructional program, with the main emphasis placed on teaching fundamentals. As discussed on this blog before, Fall Ball is a relaxed, fun season with no standings or tournaments. If you need more convincing, here you go.

Baseball and Girls Softball are available at MPTLL this fall. Click here for information on the various divisions of play. This year there will be new and improved 11-12-year-old and 9-10-year-old player pitch divisions, allowing those kids to play among their own age groups. This should create a more advanced league for older players and a better learning environment for younger ones.

Sign up online today.

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