Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Little League Boundary Rule Involving Schools

There is a new Little League regulation for parents to be aware of. Beginning this year, a player's geographic school location may be used in determining which local Little League he or she is zoned for. In the past, a player's home residence was the only factor involved - if your address was within our league's boundary, you could sign up at MPTLL. That regulation still applies. However, players may also now register if their school is within our boundary, even if their residence is not. Keep in mind that this applies only to our Little League baseball divisions (TB, AL, NL, ML). Our softball program is not affiliated with Little League.

This new regulation means that players who might have been previously considered "out of territory," but attend school inside the MPTLL territory, may now register with us. This option may come into play in the case of students attending various private schools within our boundary, that have no boundary of their own, like Charlotte Country Day, Providence Day or Charlotte Christian, or magnet schools like Myers Park Traditional, Elizabeth Traditional or Chantilly Montessori. Or it may apply to some students attending neighborhood schools near the edges of our territory like Selwyn, Greenway Park or Olde Providence.

If you know of any families in this situation who may want to play at Myers Park Trinity, please share this information with them. Our online registration for the spring 2014 season begins very soon. It will include a new question regarding where each player attends school.

For more information, here is the article from Little League on this subject. And here is the amended regulation itself, relating to eligibility requirements. Click here to see the MPTLL boundary map. Please contact someone with the league with any questions.

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