Thursday, November 28, 2013

Much To Be Thankful for in 2013

2013 has been a big year for Myers Park Trinity. We are truly blessed to have so many great people supporting our kids. A big "thank you" goes out...

To Tony and Boyd for always being there, morning, noon or night, working hard to make our park so nice; and to Paxton, Harrison, Kip, Hank, Preston and our entire volunteer grounds crew for their help that often goes unseen;

To Kaaren and Ashley for ensuring the continued service of our concession stand, whether or not their kids are playing games at the time; and to Barbara for doing it for so many years;

To Rich, Steve and Kris for guiding our ship with a steady hand;

To Tom and Kip for representing MPTLL behind the scenes to ensure that we have a firm footing in our community for years to come - we wouldn't have our park without these guys;

To Jake, Robert, Barry, Barbara and others for holding us true to the traditions that have made our league work for over 60 years;

To Rex and Kevin for being our tech guides and creating so much convenience for us all;

To Lauro for placing a priority on taking the MP experience to our closest neighbors and the kids who need it so much;

To Steve for keeping us financially secure today, and to Ed, Rich and Joe for leading us into the future;

To our loyal sponsors for believing in MPTLL and providing for our players;

To the coaches for, whether they know what they're getting into or not, becoming dedicated and passionate teachers of the game and positive role models for our children;

And to the parents, for entrusting their kids with us, cheering them on and supporting us all in so many ways;

It takes a village... so that moments like these are possible....

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