Friday, June 7, 2013

Follow MP Games on Twitter

Myers Park Trinity fans, if you're ever going to join Twitter, now is the time. Summer baseball tournaments are what we created our league account for. Get live TOC and All-Star game updates delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet or computer as they are happening at various locations across our district and hopefully beyond.

It's very easy. Go to and sign up for your own personal account. Then go to and click "Follow." Or you can just search for "mplittleleague" and follow. Downloading the Twitter app to your smart phone is a highly recommended next step. It's simple and convenient, and you don't have to post anything yourself. Just sit there and get the info you want delivered to you instantly. 

This is the best way to follow all the action. And there is so much that is not on the league website or this blog - pictures, scores, commentary, announcements.... So sign up today. Tournaments are about to begin. Let's have another great summer of baseball. GOMP! 

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