Friday, April 20, 2012

60th Anniversary Ceremonies on Saturday

MPTLL's opening ceremonies, which were postponed due to rain back in March, will take place this Saturday, April 21st at 11:30 am on Wade Field. All teams are asked to assemble in uniform by 11:15. Click here for the revised game schedule.

This year's ceremony is a special one because it marks our league's 60th anniversary. We have come a long way since the early summer days of 1952 when four teams joined together as the Myers Park Civitan League to compete on the Myers Park Grammar School playground. Our original charter shows how the league was organized and approved by Williamsport. Various Charlotte Observer articles provide accounts of how the action played out on the diamond.

1952 was a different time. Average annual wages were $3,800. A gallon of gas cost 20 cents and a new house cost $9,000. Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Today Show, Queen Elizabeth II, Holiday Inn and the passenger jet all made their debuts. Harry S. Truman was our President and the nation was at war in Korea.

After 60 years, Myers Park Trinity is thriving. We have grown from four teams to over 50, from one field to 11. We have a large group of dedicated volunteer coaches, grounds crew, concessions staff, Board of Directors and most importantly, devoted parents and players. We have much to celebrate.

So come on out to Randolph Park on Saturday and join us for opening ceremonies at 11:30 and try to catch a game or two. There's nothing quite like a Saturday at the fields. For more information on the story of our league, click on the History tab below.

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