Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All-Star Information

Availability forms for 9, 10, 11 and 12-year-old All-Star participation will be distributed soon. The All-Star, or Tournament Season, begins in early June, and team selection will take place just prior to our regular season closing day. Teams will be announced after closing ceremonies. There is some general information regarding the MPTLL All-Star Program on the league website. Here are more details:

All-Star teams are selected by a vote of the coaches. The 9-year-old team is selected by the National League (NL) coaches and players will come from the NL. The others are selected by the Major League coaches. 10 and 11-year-olds may come from the NL or Major League divisions. 12-year-olds must come from the Major League division. Each team may cast one ballot per age group.

In order to be eligible for consideration, a player must (1) live within league boundaries, (2) have participated in at least 60% of his team's regular season games, (3) be able to attend most All-Star practices and games and (4) be able to provide the proper age and residency documentation. Prior to the 9-10, 10-11 and 11-12-year-old District Tournaments, parents will be asked to provide an original birth certificate and proof of residency from three separate categories of documents. All-Star managers will distribute the details of these requirements in June.

Similar to the Challenge Program, players are selected based on skill level. However, participation or non-participation on a Challenge team has no effect on whether or not a player is selected to play on an All-Star team.

Local All-Star tournament play consists of two categories of tournaments. The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is considered a "Special Games" tournament by Little League and is not part of the official international tournament. The TOC does not allow any overlapping of age groups. For 9-year-olds, this is the only tournament among local teams. It is often their only tournament period, although in the last two years, our 9-year-old teams have been invited to play in an unofficial State Tournament.

The official District Tournaments (NC Dist. 3) are played among local Little League teams in age groups of 9-10-year-olds, 10-11-year-olds and 11-12-year-olds. These are the first stages of the official Little League tournaments. The winner of each District Tournament will advance to a State Tournament. The winner of each State Tournament will advance to a Regional Tournament. And at the 11-12-year-old level, the winner of each Regional Tournament will advance to the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, PA.

In 2010 our 9-year-olds won the TOC. The 11-12-year-olds finished 2nd in the TOC and won the District Tournament. So our league has had recent success, and will have high expectations this summer.

Here are some dates to be aware of:

All-Star Practices Begin  -  June 6, 2011

Tournament of Champions  -  June 18, 2011

District 3 Tournaments  -  July 9, 2011

9-10-Year-Old NC State Tournament  -  July 16, 2011

10-11-Year-Old NC State Tournament  -  July 23, 2011?  July 16, 2011

11-12-Year-Old NC State Tournament  -  July 23, 2011


Anonymous said...

Thanks -- this post provides very helpful info!
I have a 9-year-old and am trying to plan summer camps, vacations, etc. If he makes the 9-year-old all-star team, is his season likely to be done after the TOC in mid-June? I realize there is a 9 & 10 year-old team, but is that mostly 10 year-olds, or are there typically a sizeable number of 9-year-olds on it, too?
Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

Brandon said...

Our league is large enough and with a deep enough talent pool that it is rare for players to be moved up an age group, especially at the 9-yr-old level. So all of the 9's could be done after the TOC. Or they could play in the unofficial state invitational tournament, which would probably start a week or so after the TOC ends. It has been somewhat of a Charlotte thing and multiple local teams have been invited the last 2 years. If it were me, I would plan a vacation for either the week of June 27-July 4th, or wait until maybe wait until mid-July. That's an educated guess - I'll try to get dates for that tournament.